The Breakthrough Passage:

How Game-Changers Work with Ideas”

1. Problem: Management Vs Civilization

Breakthroughs, and the ideas upon which they depend, have always been a key feature of civilization’s major advances. 

Yet, mainstream management of organizations is not based on models of breakthrough, but on models of command, compliance, and control. 

2. Solution: Breakthrough Belongs to a Hidden Framework 

The Breakthrough Passage offers a solution.  It shows that each successful breakthrough is part of an underlying ideas-based framework.  

It brings together many traditional practices used by decision-makers, managers and others.  It's about how game-changers work with ideas. 

For example, The Breakthrough Passage shows how ideas are at the heart of: leadership, technology, competence, human resource management, strategy, quality, productivity, innovation and excellence.  That is, while successful innovations, improvements, and discoveries may appear isolated, - they all have accessible ‘idea activity’ qualities-in-common.


3. Insight: The Informed Decision-Maker  

The Breakthrough Passage suggests that any informed decision-maker can replicate the idea activity required for breakthrough.  This is to identify and address a problem that mainstream management has largely ignored.   

Through this ‘passage’ of idea interaction and idea progression, you can identify, expose, and address many of the problems and additional opportunities in your organisation.  

4. Value: Benefits from Ideas-Based Management 

The value of The Breakthrough Passage is to remove and replace an 'ideas gap' in our organisations, and bring breakthrough inside.  That is, using straight-forward practices, virtually every aspect of how mainstream management approaches organisational performance can be reconstructed, and improved. 

By replicating the tools, principles, and combinations outlined, you can lift the role of ideas, overcome resistance, and add value in any industry, company, workplace, sector, discipline, region, community, or nation.