Breakthrough Passage Examples

The Breakthrough Passage is a framework that reflects what happens to ideas in organisations.  Within this universal approach, mainstream disciplines and every-day concepts can be identified.  Here are some examples.

Case 1: Creative Class

Popularised by Richard Florida, the "Creative Class" is a focus upon the role of one section of the population considered to be artists, musicians, and designers - a Creative Class.  

The selective emphasis of the Creative Class approach is upon what this elite group does with ideas.  It excludes, or ignores, what others - managers, administrators, technicians, professionals and tradespeople - do with ideas.  

A valuable contribution, it is a 'demographic' subset of The Breakthrough Passage.


Case 2: Best Practice

Best Practice is an emphasis on what has been found to be a best technique for someone else, in their particular circumstances.  

It amounts to a profile of embedded ideas that were found to be suitable or best in a given situation.  What is a Best Practice changes under the take-up and disposal of ideas.  

In this sense, Best Practice is a 'situational' subset of The Breakthrough Passage.





Case 3: Strategy and Strategic Design

Strategy connects vision with task: it's usually about how to get from where we are, to where we want to be.  

This involves the creation of a vision, which means adding some ideas to what we've got, and taking particular steps that are known, and which have arisen from some previous ideas.  

In setting project objectives, configuring and orchestrating the project, and implementing it, Strategic Design is an example of a discipline that embodies the role of ideas.

It is a 'process' subset of The Breakthrough Passage.